Transportating your goods safety with the lowest environmental footprint


Our main focus: operational excellence


A unique European network with our own subsidiaries in 14 countries

Since 1996

E-b-trans is joining forces of best in class professionals, specialized in liquid goods transportation.

Our 3 900 professionals

are ensuring on a daily basis the proper delivery of your products.

35 M€ have been invested

by E-b-trans in order to maintain the E-b-trans fleet at the highest level.

80 Instructors

enforce in all your subsidiary your specific business needs.

The environment preservation is at the heart of our concern

Therefore, we constantly optimize our loads, reduce our consumption, minimize our empty kilometers…

is our first

Modern equipment designed for your industry :

Foodstuff, Fuels, Gasses, Chemicals, Bitumen, Environment

Logistic of sensitive product :

supporting your business during your processes

Technological expertise :

optimization and tracking

Customized transportation :

our services adapt to your specific Industry needs


We can provide our services all over Europe, thanks to our premises in more than 14 countries.